Monday, June 1, 2020

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Agency: New production contraction in German manufacturing in May

A survey published today, Monday, 1 June, said that the German manufacturing sector continued to shrink in May with the demobilization of factories, which...

The latest statistics of Coronavirus in Iran

Kianoosh Jahanpour, a spokesman for Iran's Ministry of Health, announced new data on Coronavirus on Monday, June 3, Sputnik reported, quoting IRNA.

Artificial intelligence reveals Napoleon’s true face … a picture

An artist managed to repaint the true face of French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte with the help of artificial intelligence and share his work on...

Weekly horoscope for all zodiac signs – Astro

Astro-aspects The week will be characterized by increased emotional arousal, nervousness, easy...

Dhoni retirement: Dhoni’s retirement rumors open again

Highlight:Witness Dhoni's retirement newsDhoni did not play for India after the semi-final of the World CupDhoni's comeback likely to be canceled if IPL cancelsNew...