Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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Response to allegation of ‘air strike on Syrian army’ from US-led...

The US-led anti-IS coalition announced that there was no air strike on a Syrian army point of resistance. Source link https://tr.sputniknews.com/ortadogu/202008181042672304-abd-onculugundeki-koalisyondan-suriye-ordusuna-yonelik-hava-saldirisi-iddiasina-yanit/

Air strike on Syrian soldiers: US-led coalition denies allegations

The US-led military coalition has not launched any attacks on positions of the Syrian army. This was announced by the US command. Source link...

Attack on US-led coalition military convoy in southern Iraq

Iraqi local media reported that a US-led coalition military convoy was bombed near the Basa settlement in the south of the country. Source link https://tr.sputniknews.com/ortadogu/202008131042642472-irakin-guneyinde-abd-onculugundeki-koalisyona-ait-askeri-konvoya-saldiri/

Two Katyushas struck a US-led coalition base in Iraq

Two Katyusha missiles have landed at Iraq's Taji base, used by US-led international coalition forces, Reuters...

US-led coalition military jet crashes in Iraq – video

A US-led Lockheed C-130 Hercules international anti-IS * coalition military transport plane crashed while landing at Taji's military air base in Iraq, Operation spokesman...