Women Are Also Secured in the Mutilation Case at the Kalibata City Apartments


Jakarta – The police have arrested the perpetrator in the case of the mutilation of a male corpse at the Kalibata City Apartments, Pancoran, South Jakarta. A woman was arrested by the police in this case.

The Head of Criminal Investigation of the Pancoran Police, Iptu Supardi, said that more than one person was arrested. However, Supardi could not confirm the number of the perpetrators.

“Two or three yes. Earlier (the perpetrators). I saw two or three earlier, there were women too,” said Supardi when contacted. detikcom, Wednesday (16/9/2020) evening.

Supardi said the perpetrator was also a renter of the apartment room, where the victim’s body was found on the 16th floor of the Ebony Tower of the Kalibata City Apartment.

“Yes, right (perpetrator) rent there, “he added.

The perpetrators were arrested by members of the Directorate of Criminal and Criminal Investigation of Polda Metro Jaya in Depok on Wednesday (16/9) afternoon. Currently the perpetrators are secured at Polda Metro Jaya.

“Now the perpetrators are brought to the Regional Police,” Supardi added.

The discovery of the mutilated corpses in the Kalibata City Apartments originated from reports of missing persons. The victim was reported missing since 9 September 2020.

The victim himself was found at 19.00 WIB. The victim’s body was found on the 16th floor of the Ebony Tower at Kalibata City Apartment, Pancoran, South Jakarta.

The victim is known to be named Rinaldi Harley Wismanu. Head of Public Relations of Polda Metro Jaya Kombes Yusri Yunus said that the victim was reported missing by his family since 9 September 2020.

“Now we have brought it to Kramat Jati Hospital for us to do an initial autopsy and indeed the initial autopsy results confirm that the person concerned is R (Rinaldi) according to the LP,” explained Kombes Yusri Yunus when contacted. detikcom, Wednesday (16/9).

Video ‘Male Body in Suitcase Found in Kalibata City’:

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