vod with pomp: Hanzal invited Vrbat and Klesla to Samson, comments Gula


Together, they put in an incredible 2,851 games in the NHL. And they will bend after the sliding of the Pouzar Hockey Center in the match of the South Bohemian regional league.

Martin Hanzal, an eskobudjovick offspring, invited a star co-play for the premiere of his newly formed HC Samson club. In addition to Hanzala, Radim Vrbata, Vclav Nedorost and Rostislav Klesla will join.

I listen daily to see if the stars are coming or if it wasn’t just a joke. The winter is huge. Vm that it will work out and people will like it, the 33-year-old forwards is drinking.

But it’s one heck to go. Sm Hanzal does not know if he will be able to board. Due to problems, the wall has not been played for over a year, but is still contracted in Dallas. U long it em and mm e it work out. Whether dr, mistakes are just a formality. Exception mm, one signature left. Don’t worry, it wouldn’t work. If I can’t play, I’ll be very disappointed, piznv.

The mentioned trio will start only in the water belt. It is possible that we will go later in the season.

In addition to stars and former representatives, famous names appeared in the darkness of Samson – goalkeeper Jaroslav Jgr, armor VladimĂ­r Sik, toners David Nedorost, Frantiek Mrzek, Rudolf Suchnek Jr., brothers Kadlecov, Luk Somerauer and Hanzal ‘s old brother Ji. Mustvo will be led by Milan Strek and Norbert Krl.

Vclav Nedorost

It’s all too dark. We wanted to prepare a magnificent water route and I think it will be interesting. But worrying about the organization is something we didn’t expect, said Hanzal.

The grown-up center is all nervous about the preparations, not about the match itself. This is our first event. I wish everything came out and nothing went wrong. But I’m not nervous about the waist, he smiles.

A big show is prepared for the girls, following the example of the famous NHL. We have jerseys like in the NHL, so nstup should be like that. Introduce yourself all the time, Katka will sing the Czech anthem, the rest will be moderated by the entertainer Milo Knor. We have a light show ready, he describes.

Only 300 spectators can fit in the Pouzar Hockey Center, and the capacity should double for the festive duel. Around the mantinel the state of the temporary tribune, also the capacity will increase and to about 600 people. They ground up and we negotiated a transfer to Budvar arna. But unfortunately on the given day the hall is occupied by utknm junior, he regrets.

The last tickets left, which are quickly disappearing. If you don’t get to the stadium, you can upload it to YouTube. Although Penos is not in the game, Tom Zetek should comment on it with a plural of Milan Gula, he adds.

Milan Sugar

Milan Sugar

An attractive duel with former Czech stars, even in the dark soup. Dark, it will be a boil. The boys have a fight they will remember. If the stadium is full, the atmosphere will be great, Petr Blohlav, longtime chairman of HC Knights Hlubok nad Vltavou.

The soup will have a big star in the must, so we are definitely not favorites. But we fight, we don’t want to lose easily, confirms Blohlav. The great attraction of the South Bohemian regional championship has two real duels behind it. Sobslav increased 4: 2, but in general she fell in the Czech Krumlov 3: 6. This was the first way back in Sobslav. We were nervous, unprepared, but the performance was not good. In Krumlov, a lot of games were missing. Let’s see how our game fits. This week we worked mainly on competition, emphasizes Martin Hanzal.

tonk from the establishment of the club announced that the day will not be big. I can’t see how it will go. At this moment, we have no ambitions. We will lose something and we will not wallow everyone. But we started it because we want to have fun with friends, play hockey and sweat the girls, he confirms.

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