Victims of Mutilation of Kalibata City UGM Alumni, Campus Convey Condolences – KRJOGJA


SLEMAN, – The mutilation victim found at the Ebony Tower of Kalibata City Apartment, Pancoran, South Jakarta, Wednesday (16/9/2020) Wednesday (16/9/2020) yesterday was strongly suspected to be Renaldi Harley Wismanu. An ID card was found at the scene with this name complete with address data in Gang Temuireng Nologaten Caturtunggal Depok Sleman.

Accessed from the page, it is known that Renaldi graduated in 2012 from the Japanese Literature major. He is known to have worked on a thesis entitled Anime Potential and Its Influence in View of Distraction Theory with Participant Observation in Japan for One Year.

Head of UGM Public Relations and Protocol, Dr. Iva Ariani, expressed deep condolences on behalf of the campus for the death of Rinaldi Harley Wismanu. “The UGM extended family is sorry and shocked to hear the news. Hopefully the deceased will have the best place with God and the perpetrators will be immediately arrested and get the fairest process of justice, “explained Iva to reporters Thursday (17/9/2020).

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