Uniles from the Agrofert group succeeded the most in the billion-dollar tender of Lesy ČR


In the 2021+ tender, Uniles submitted the best price offer for twelve of the 29 competing units and thus has a chance to win 12 contracts. This follows from the overview of submitted offers, which Lesy ČR published on the website.

Kloboucká lesní finished behind Uniles with the best offer in five units and Aclesia with the possibility of winning four contracts. Ten companies out of 36 that applied for the tender have the hope of winning at least one contract. A total of 190 companies submitted bids. In tender 2021+, the estimated value of forestry work is 4.5 billion crowns and the volume of wood to be harvested is six million cubic meters.

The deadline for submitting bids for the tender expired on Wednesday at 10:00. Subsequently, Lesy ČR began to evaluate the offers. The winning companies should start working for Lesy ČR from the beginning of January next year.

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