Twenty rupees at a public hotel in Edappally


At present: As part of the State Government’s Hunger Free Kerala Scheme Open at noon for a low price at the Mai Janikiya Hotel. Implemented as part of the public planning scheme of Ponnani Block Panchayat Scheme to subsidize self-employment ventures for women’s groups The hotel, which was started as part of the Rs.

The daycare in Edappally is headed by Mr. and Mr. Group. Mr. Hotel, now run by the family in collaboration with the Grama Panchayat. Rs 3 lakh fund sanctioned under Ponnani Block Panchayat Subsidy Ch. Home delivery facilities are also provided. The hotel, which started on Ponnani Road in Edappally, is located in Ponnani Block Panchayat. Dant K. Lakshmi inaugurated the function.

At present, the village panchayat president P.P. B Joy presided. Block Panchayat Vice President Adv. P. P. Mohandas, Block Panchayat Member, Rajya P. Lee La, K .; Rajani, Ward Member Mr. Josh, Block Panchayat Secretary R.M.P. Ramadas, Industrial Development Officer Muhammed Fawaz, CDA President Ambujadas spoke last year.

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