Tips for Choosing Ideal Disposable Diapers for Newborns


Moms definitely know that newborn skin is still very sensitive and prone to rashes. So it is very important to pay extra attention in maintaining the skin of the newborn. One great way to prevent diaper rash is to pay attention to the cleanliness and comfort of the diaper. Also make sure the diapers are specially designed for newborns, Moms.

Well, talk about newborn diapers, MamyPoko Royal Soft Newborn certainly a choice for Moms. Come on, get to know more about the advantages of MamyPoko Royal Soft Newborn, which is very comfortable and has been specially designed for newborns.

Safe & Comfortable for Sensitive Skin

Newborn skin is very soft, but also very sensitive, you know, Moms. Diaper rash is a skin problem that most often occurs in newborns, because they urinate more frequently. Within a day, newborns can urinate about 15-20 times, and each urinate about 5-20 ml of urine.

This figure may be small when compared to adults, but it is enough to fill the diaper, you know, Moms. If the diaper is uncomfortable or you don’t change it often, your baby will be fussy because the skin is uncomfortable.

MamyPoko Royal Soft Newborn

To prevent diaper rash in newborns, you need to give your little one the ideal disposable diapers. What are the ideal diapers? These are the characteristics:

• Made of soft

Not only soft on the inside, disposable diapers for newborns should also be soft on the outside. Soft diapers prevent irritation of the baby’s skin.

• Highly absorbent

Choose diapers with good absorption strength, so they can absorb more pee and faster.

• The outer layer still allows air exchange

It is very important to provide diapers that have good air circulation, because this air circulation can prevent stuffiness when newborns use diapers.

• Has an indicator if it is full

This serves to provide information when to change the diaper, and the yellow line works when the diaper is full. Moms don’t need to bother opening and closing the diaper just to check whether the diaper is full or not.

The good news is that all the criteria for ideal disposable diapers are in MamyPoko Royal Soft Newborn. “The soft surface of the diaper is important for sensitive skin of newborns. At MamyPoko Royal Soft Newborn, not only is the inside soft, the outside of the diaper is soft. This is very important so that there is no friction or even irritation on the baby’s skin, ”explained Theodora Stephanie, Junior Brand Manager of MamyPoko, during a presentation at online class Mother & Baby X MamyPoko (29/8) entitled Preparation for Childbirth with Prenatal Workout at Home.

In addition, MamyPoko Royal Soft Newborn also has high absorption capacity, because it has technology Extra Dry Speed Wave. Remember, babies can urinate up to 20 times per day, you know, Moms, so the disposable diapers must have high absorption so that they are always comfortable.

“The air circulation in MamyPoko Royal Soft is very good, it can prevent stuffiness when babies use diapers,” added Theodora. This product also has technology Navel Cut or a curved waistband, which is specially designed to protect the navel of a newborn who has not pupated.

Even cooler, MamyPoko Royal Soft also has a pee indicator, so Moms don’t need to open and close diapers frequently just to check whether the diaper is full or not. Just look at the indicators, then change the diaper. Practical! Come on, prove your mother’s love with tenderness No. 1! (Tiffany/SW/Dok. Freepik)

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