This is an Immune Supplement that is Suitable to Prevent Coronavirus

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This is an Immune Supplement that is Suitable to Prevent Coronavirus

Stylo Indonesia – In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic that is currently hitting, we are indeed obliged to apply health protocols orderly.

Whether outdoors or indoors, Stylovers.

Maintain a minimum distance of two meters from people around you and wash your hands with soap is the most effective way to prevent transmission of the corona virus.

To maintain immunity, many are confused about the type of supplement that is appropriate to fight Covid-19.

Reported by Stylo Indonesia from, the following is an explanation of nutrition, endurance, and the need for supplements to anticipate infection with germs such as the corona virus.

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Launching the official Harvard TH Chan page, nutrition is closely related to immunity and severity when infected with the disease.

People who are malnourished are more at risk of developing bacterial, viral, and other infections. Therefore, it is important for everyone to pay attention to their diet and nutritional adequacy during the corona pandemic, the source of the Covid-19 disease.

During the corona pandemic, it is recommended that you eat healthy foods that contain quality fruits, vegetables, protein, carbohydrates.

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