The long-awaited announcement has arrived; Russia to supply 100 million doses of Sputnik wax to laboratories in India


New Delhi: Russia has strengthened India’s fight against the corona virus. Russia has announced that it will provide India with Sputnik-v, the world’s first vaccine against the corona virus. International news agencies have reported this.

Russia has said it will supply 100 million doses of Sputnik wax to India. Dr. Russia is reportedly handing over the vaccine to the Reddy’s Laboratory. The vaccine will be distributed if the necessary permission is obtained. Russia has said it will decide on the supply chain only after obtaining local approval.

Russia has already agreed to co-produce 300 million doses with India. In addition to India, Russia has agreements with Kazakhstan, Brazil and Mexico. Phase III trials of the wax are currently in progress. The experiment is being conducted on 40,000 people. The third phase of testing of the wax began on August 26.

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