The latest ‘Audi RS’ models challenge the race track in Lithuania


On Tuesday, September 15, the leading Latvian and Lithuanian car journalists were provided with “Audi RS4”, “RS5”, “RS6,” R8 “, as well as the youngest member of the” RS “family, who has reached the Baltics -” RS Q8 “. Representatives have been convinced of the power of the Audi RS models, which have delighted car enthusiasts since 1994. 25 years ago, when the first Audi RS model, the Audi RS2 Avant, saw the light of day, the RS model line was significantly expanded.

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Last year, Audi celebrated the 25th anniversary of the RS family, which has seen updates from almost all RS models, as well as an ever-expanding range of sports models. Gathering an unprecedented number of “RS” models in the Baltics, the leading Latvian and Lithuanian car experts gathered in one place on the “Nemuno žiedas” race track in Kačergine, Lithuania. Accompanied by experienced instructors, journalists were given the opportunity to try out the current Audi RS models in their entirety, enjoying both the car’s performance and handling in a highly sporty environment.

Nine new Audi RS vehicles with a total capacity of 4470 hp were available for journalists to test on the Nemuno žiedas track, which is an unusually powerful arsenal of test cars for the Baltics. The newcomer to the “RS” model family “Audi RS Q8” with a four-liter V8 engine and 600 hp, which is the most sporty SUV in the “Audi” model range and combines both elegance and performance – acceleration up to 100 km / h took special attention. in just 3.8 seconds. However, this time it was possible to see not only the dynamics of the car on the race track, but also the characteristics of a full-fledged SUV outside the paved part of the track.

The latest version of the RS6 model did not leave anyone indifferent either. The aggressive exterior design hides a 600 hp / 800 Nm power unit that delivers up to a hundred seconds in a 3.6-second sprint. The “Audi R8” with 570 hp and 3.4 seconds up to 100 km / h competed in the drag race. The small power difference could be compensated by a lightning response. However, it should be noted that the Audi RS models are much more than fast track cars, as comfort, safety and ergonomics are equal to the brand’s core values.

“The Audi brand has often been associated with sporting achievements for a long time, and the ever-expanding RS model family confirms that this sporty spirit of Audi is still relevant today,” says Ilgvars Ļubka, Moller Baltic Import Audi brand manager. “The car world is evolving very fast, and this is also evident in the Audi RS model segment – the car’s performance, handling and safety performance are becoming increasingly impressive, which is being achieved with increasingly advanced technology.”

Moller Baltic Import in Latvia and Lithuania has already accepted orders for more than 20 RS models this year, which is the largest share of RS models in recent years. “Audi offers a very wide range of sports models, which significantly expands the range of interested people. Every car enthusiast can choose the” RS “model that suits their wishes – from the compact” RS3 “, as we expect the new model next year, to practical and fast” RS4 “. , “RS5”, “RS6”, “RS7”, powerful SUVs “RS Q3” and “RS Q8”. And we can not forget about the “Audi R8” supercar, “explains Lubka.

The unique event for the media was provided by “Audi Latvija” in cooperation with “Audi Sport Driving Academy by Autojuta”.

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