The figure of Sholeh, Owner of the Viral Mang Odading, Selling 30 Years & Liked by SBY to the President of the United States


TRIBUNNEWSMAKER.COM – Odading Mang By viral middle in society.

This started with a funny video circulating on social media.

Video made by a man named Ade Londok.

Ade Londok makes videos with eccentric styles.

He uses Indonesian mixed with Sundanese and is also a little rough.

The mention of eating odading made people feel like Iron Man.

• Odading Mang Viral Fact By Therefore, So SBY Subscription, Ade Londok Receives Gift From Ridwan Kamil

• The video of the Ospek is Viral, Unesa Students are Pressured to Be Treated, the Campus Takes This Step

Mang Oleh, seller of odading and cakwe is viral thanks to the circulating videos. ( Collage / Instagram @ ridwankamil / KOMPAS.COM/PUTRA PRIMA PERDANA)

Setelag viral, odading owned by Mang Oleh immediately packed with buyers.

Mang Oleh did not expect that his business could be this busy.

Mang Oleh said, the story behind the food business that he had been doing for decades.

Selling odading for 30 years

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