The cat spent two months in a container without food or water; at last?


It is generally believed that cats have the ability to survive in adverse conditions. There is a saying that a cat has nine lives. It’s an exaggeration to say that the word is synonymous with a cat in Cornwall, England. The cat lived for two months in a container without food, water or light.

Monty, the pet cat of Paul Chapman and Beverly, was accidentally trapped in a shipping container two months ago. They did not care about the cat’s disappearance at first, as Monty had a habit of staying away from home for days. But days after the cat went missing, the couple posted requests on Facebook and elsewhere to help find it.

The couple finally received a message a few days ago when they received a message asking for Monty’s signs, saying the cat was trapped inside the container. Monti was in the habit of riding in parked cars and lorries. In the same way, Monty got into a shipping container that was parked just 200 meters away from his house and could not get out. More than two months later, the cat came out when the occupants heard a noise inside the container and opened the door. Footage of this has also been copied.

But Monty came out smart without the fatigue of having been without food or water for so long. Beverly says the cat lived for so many days, eating spiders and other insects inside the container and licking the moisture off the iron plate. Monty’s body weight is very low due to not getting enough food.

As soon as the information about the cat was received, the owners rushed to the spot and took it away. Cats are said to have nine lives, but owners say 99 lives are needed for Monti. Monty’s body was found in a car long before he was born. The cat has been living with serious leg injuries ever since. The injured leg is now what helps identify Monty.

English Summary: Cat survives two months inside shipping container without food & water

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