Scientists Call COVID-19 Antibody Increases and Can Last 4 Months Since Patients Recover


Coronavirus pandemic

Because the study was only conducted on subjects in Iceland, it does not rule out the results of the study will be different if it is carried out in other parts of the world with diverse populations

Wow, cool – A recent study revealed that the level of antibodies to the corona virus can increase in a person’s body and even last up to four months. This occurs in 90 percent of patients who recover from the virus.

In previous studies, it was stated that antibody levels decreased dramatically for several months after a patient was exposed to COVID-19. This then raises questions about the duration of immunity after recovering from disease.

DeCode Genetics chief executive Kari Stefansson said the new findings might be useful in determining the risk of contracting COVID-19 back in survivors. “These new findings may have implications for the risk of reinfection and vaccine resistance,” he said Reuters, Thursday (3/9).

The study, published in The New England Journal of Medicine, was carried out on a subject in Iceland. Researchers conducted research on antibody levels in more than 30 thousand people.

This is done to find out how many people in Iceland have been infected with the coronavirus and also learn about immunity after recovery. From that result, they estimated that 1 percent of the population had been infected.

Of the tens of thousands of people, 56 percent have received a diagnosis that has been confirmed through a PCR test. Of the 1,215 people who were confirmed positive for COVID-19, via PCR, 91 percent had antibody levels that increased during the first two months after their diagnosis before finally stabilizing.

However, this research is far from perfect. The reason is, studies are only carried out on a population in certain countries. So it does not rule out the research results will be different if it is carried out in other parts of the world with diverse populations.

However, Stefansson emphasized that this study could show how careful antibody testing can determine the true prevalence of infection. Still being reported ReutersThe accompanying editorial warns that it is not certain whether the antibodies of recovered patients will protect them from reinfection.


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