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JAKARTA, – “Pak Gub, I ask permission to say goodbye because I’m not feeling well,” that was the message sent by the late Regional Secretary of DKI Saefullah to the Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan.

The message was sent by Saefullah on Monday (7/9/2020), during the plenary session at the DKI DPRD Building.

According to Anies, this was unusual. The reason is that he knows Saeful as a bureaucrat who never leaves early when he attends a meeting due to illness.

“In my experience working with the Regional Secretary, he never said goodbye due to illness,” said Anies.

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He sent the message to Anies and informed him that he had to leave the plenary session because of illness.

A few days later, Saefullah tested positive for Covid-19. His health condition also continued to decline until he had to be treated at the Gatot Soebroto Central Army Hospital (RSPAD), Central Jakarta.

Saefullah was declared dead on Wednesday (16/9/2020) yesterday afternoon. He died at 12.55 WIB at the Gatot Soebroto Army Hospital.

Cause of death

Head of the DKI Jakarta Health Service, Widyastuti, revealed that the cause of Saefullah’s death was because shock sepsis irreversible with ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome) and confirmed Covid-19.

“This afternoon, our Regional Secretary, Mr Saefullah, has passed away. Mr Saefullah died because of this shock sepsis irreversible in ARDS, which is a severe infection of the lung tissue and all body systems due to Covid-19 infection, “said Widya in his statement.

The disturbance made Saefullah fail to breathe so that the oxygen in the body was not sufficient.

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“It causes irreparable breathing failure and insufficient oxygen exchange,” he said.

The best son of Jakarta

Anies expressed his pride in having worked with Saefullah. The Jakarta Provincial Government also paid their final respects to Saefullah’s body at City Hall, Central Jakarta.

The former Minister of Education and Culture said that Saefullah was the best son of Jakarta.

“Goodbye, the best son of Jakarta. Welcome back to Rahmatullah. We believe that your place is honorable, your place is noble, your place is the highest,” said Anies.

Not without reason, as Regional Secretary, Saefullah accompanied four governors from Joko Widodo, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, Djarot Saeful Hidayat, to Anies Baswedan.

“And God willing, this city will continue to send rewards without stopping to you for all your charities in this city,” continued Anies.

Covid-19 tough fighter

As an official in DKI, Saefullah is also a person who works hard to fight the Covid-19 outbreak.

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Anies said that during the six months that Jakarta was exposed to Covid-19, Saefullah sacrificed his energy so that DKI could reduce the number of exposed patients.

“For more than 6 months we have struggled to deal with Covid-19 and the Regional Secretary is the one who every day works day and night with all of us to fight this epidemic to protect the safety of Jakarta residents,” said Anies.

He admits that he never imagined Saefullah was the one who was exposed.

“Without us ever guessing, without ever we imagining being exposed and then the Almighty called him home,” he said.

The threat of Covid-19 is real

The death of Saefullah was a sadistic form of Covid-19 which took human lives.

Saefullah’s departure is also a warning about the increasingly worrying conditions of Covid-19 in the capital.

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“I hope that all residents of DKI Jakarta will make this (Saefullah’s departure) a lesson, the condition is indeed worrying, in a real sense. I always underline that our message has never been added, never reduced, I convey what it is,” said Anies.

Therefore, Anies again reminded the residents of the importance of implementing health protocols.

Anies also appealed to residents to keep their activities at home to reduce the risk of contracting Covid-19.

“Covid-19 is real and the risks are great. This (the departure of the DKI Regional Secretary) is a clear example of the worst risk of being exposed to Covid-19. I invite everyone to use masks orderly, keep their distance, wash hands regularly, stay at home unless necessary. Do not travel unless it is urgent, do as much as possible from home, “he said.

Saefullah’s body was released by Anies, the Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta, and all ranks of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government with the final tribute to the body which was placed in a crate and put in an ambulance.

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