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Kottayam: If someone dies in Puthuppally, after informing the children about it, the next question is: Did you inform Oommen Chandy? Though not informed, Oommen Chandy will arrive there the next day. There are many such jokes and trolls about Puthuppally and Oommen Chandy. Once the panchayat committee decided to relocate the beggars in front of the Puthuppally church.

On his return to the church, President Nebu John informed the beggars directly. Oommen Chandy’s phone to Nebu soon. Getting them down quickly can make it difficult for them. Think again. One of the beggars called Oommen Chandy directly and complained. This connection is the cornerstone of Puthuppally Fort, where he has been the people’s representative for half a century.

Former private secretary Surendran said that Oommen Chandy thinks from the side of the complainants no matter what complaints are received. Oommen Chandy will look into whether there is any way to re-evaluate and qualify if a person without minimum marks comes in for a recommendation for Plus One admission. Oommen Chandy’s office team writes an average of 60 letters of recommendation every day. There is a definite arrangement for receiving the complaints and recommendations of the people, sending them to the concerned, re-inquiring whether the matter has taken place and notifying the complainant accordingly.

Public relations in Puthuppally

Oommen Chandy’s grandfather VJ Oommen started a school in Puthuppally. He was a member of the Legislative Council. It is now the VJ Oommen Memorial School. After becoming an MLA, Oommen Chandy started Puthuppally in a new ‘syllabus’ in politics. Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan MLA says that this syllabus is always accessible to anyone.

The distance between the yard and the doorstep of the house at Puthuppally Carrot Vallakal is only 10 meters. Oommen’s brother Alex, who came to the yard at 7 am on Sunday, said that Oommen Chandy can walk to the door at 9 am. That is the public relations program in Puthuppally! On Sundays, about a thousand people often come home.

No need for that board here

‘Building constructed from Oommen Chandy MLA’s Asset Development Fund’. No such board is found in Puthuppally. Oommen Chandy has written to the Collector not to set up such a board. VD Satheesan MLA said that Oommen Chandy is well aware of the basic issues in the constituency and how to take action. Oommen Chandy interacts directly with the voters without any intermediaries. This relationship goes beyond politics – says MG University’s former head of the Department of Politics and International Relations. Says KM Seethi.

The LDF knows the severity of Puthuppally. The CPM will nominate the youth in the elections. Puthuppally helped his political opponents to mark Harishree in the elections. Oommen Chandy’s opponent was even named. Sunny was originally known as Sunny. The locals called it Kunjunju. Later it became known as Oommen Chandy. In recent times, many have called him Oommen Chandy Sir. Even when called Sir, Puthuppally knows that this is our child. That is the courage of Oommen Chandy.

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