Not deterred, cafe managers in South Jakarta violate again even though the governor of DKI intervenes


JAKARTA, – During this transitional large-scale social restriction (PSBB) period, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government allowed the cafe to re-open.

The goal is none other than to move the economy and help entrepreneurs return to earn income amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, through Governor Regulation Number 51 of 2020, there is a health protocol that must be implemented so that there is no transmission even the new Covid-19 cluster in locations that are allowed to operate.

The regulations stipulated include, visitors are only allowed 50 percent of the total capacity, maintaining distance, wearing masks, checking temperatures and others.

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Maintaining this implementation, DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan together with the Jakarta Satpol PP conducted unannounced inspections (sidak) of a number of cafes and restaurants in the South Jakarta area, Thursday (3/9/2020) night.

The inspection was carried out after the daily Covid-19 cases continued to surge in the capital.

Based on the video that Anies uploaded on his Instagram, the inspection was carried out at a cafe on Jalan Haji Nawi, South Jakarta.

At that time, Anies wore complete surveillance attributes and wore a mask.

During the inspection, Anies found that the place was busy and did not apply health protocols.

“Where is the protocol?” said Anies when reprimanding cafe management.

“Do you know the rules?” asked him again.

“You know, sir,” replied management.

“Know? Why was it violated?” timpal Anies.

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Anies emphasized that violations of health protocols are endangering lives amid the Covid-19 pandemic that has not ended.

“This is not against the rules, this is a matter of life. You are closed now and don’t repeat it,” said Anies.

The cafe was then immediately closed for 24 hours and subject to administrative sanctions of Rp. 10 million.

Remove the warning sticker and open it immediately

However, the cafe manager seems to have taken a direct warning from the number one person in Jakarta for granted.

The Jakarta Satpol PP found the cafe reopened the next day, namely Friday (4/9/2020).

In fact, the administrative sanctions imposed are quite clear, the cafe must be closed for 1×24 hours.

To make matters worse, the cafe manager removed the warning sticker that was installed when Anies was not at the office. This made the Head of Jakarta Satpol PP, Arifin, furious.

“Which one am I sticking here?” asked Arifin via video on the Instagram account @SatpolPPDKIJakarta.

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Arifin continued to look for stickers by looking around the room, including at the door and on the wall. The result is zero, all stickers that have been pasted have been removed by the manager.

When asked by Arifin, the manager who was standing not far from him could only remain silent.

“You took it off already, who took it off? You took off the taped one from the governor?” asked Arifin.

“I sue you guys, you take off the signs that have been put up. I demand you, you look for your members. The governor will install, I will accompany you, you understand?” Arifin ordered to the manager.

“Understood, ready, sir,” replied the manager.

Arifin thinks the attitude of the cafe manager has undermined the DKI Provincial Government.

“Want to play, it’s closed why did you open it? You’re looking down on the local government, huh. Who is the champion here? It was closed last night with the governor. You’re playing around again, you’ve lowered the government’s status,” said Arifin.

Seemingly holding back his emotions, Arifin continued to talk to the management. They just bowed silently and occasionally answered.

Arifin admitted that he regretted the attitude of the manager. In fact, his party only asked for the closure of 1X24 hours for internal improvements to the cafe.

“If you adhere to health protocols, it’s impossible for us to close it. By tidying up the distance, all kinds of things. Given to close one day only one day tomorrow, open at night, open no problem,” said Arifin.

Getting angry, Arifin ordered his members to check all the cafe licenses.

After expressing his frustration, Arifin and the Cilandak sub-district head immediately put up a POL PP seal-line as a sign that the cafe was closed for operations until an indefinite time limit.

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