Nitišs: “It seems that the car is fast


On Wednesday, a press conference of Reinis Nitis and his EU Motorsport team took place in the premises of Verte Auto, where the new design of the Škoda Fabia Evo RX race car was unveiled before the upcoming Neste World RX of Riga stage.

According to the team leader, this model is an improved model compared to last year’s car. Asked about Reinis’ tasks in the upcoming competitions, Ernestas Staponkus admitted that Nitišs will not have any tasks. “We will not give Reinis any specific task – to go, enjoy the race. I don’t care about any particular place. I want to see how we are compared to the other teams. ”

Asked how Reinis Nitišs came to cooperation with the Lithuanian team, Jēkabpils acknowledged that ” There is no one specific answer to how we came to cooperation – there was one phone call, one meeting, tests in Lithuania, another phone call, tests in Finland, so far we are here. This year I drove in a rally, so I have left the rallycross a bit, but I knew that if there was an opportunity to rallycross, then it could happen right at home. Rallycross is still in my heart and my love for it has not disappeared. I’m glad we’re sitting here right now, so I’m ready to give it a weekend. ”

Before the race, Reinis spent two test days, during which the car proved itself very well. ” While you’re in the tests, you’re always the fastest because you drive alone. We took one test in Lithuania, after which we went to Finland to take the tests there on the same track where the world RX stage was previously held. It was difficult to compare our results with the times of the competitors, because on Sunday, when the world RX stage took place, it was raining, so the next day we went on the track, the track was dirty. But the feelings were good, because the car was easy to drive, it listens. When I make small changes to the regulations, I feel them immediately, which is also the most important thing. From a sensory point of view, it seems that the car is fast on the track. Of course, it was a pity that it could not be compared to all other cars, but it seemed that everything was fine. We have to work at the starts, as a result we will drive to 333 tracks. “

Asked what the pilot’s goals are, Reinis admitted that “” You have to be realistic. We need to understand how much we have covered in training. The car has not participated in the competition this year, so it is difficult to make predictions – I do not want to say that we will win, enter the Top 3 or Top 6. Let’s drive and try to win the best possible result. ”

Nitišs added that currently the cooperation with the Lithuanian team has been reached for one stage, but on Thursday evening the two sides will meet to discuss the possibility of further cooperation, but the team and Nitišs will return to this issue on Sunday after the competition.

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