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In the NBA “bubble”, last year’s champion Toronto “Raptors” fought until the second round of the playoffs, where in a tense seven-game series gave way to the Boston “Celtics” basketball players, thus withdrawing from the fight for the championship title. Mark Gazols spent an average of 20 minutes on the field for the Canadian team in the playoffs, scoring six points and 4.4 rebounds on average in the game, which was the most modest performance of a Spanish basketball player in his entire career.

In a conversation with Spanish radio, the 35-year-old Gazol shared his thoughts that he was considering returning to European basketball for family reasons in order to continue his successful career in the Old Continent. Mark Gazols has won the NBA champion ring, was recognized as the best defensive player in the league in 2013 and has been included in the Star Game three times. However, Gazola’s achievements with the Spanish national team are even more impressive than the achievements on his side of the Atlantic. The Gazola medal locker holds two Olympic silver medals, two world championship gold medals, as well as almost two full sets of European championship medals.

Mark Gazola’s brother Pau Gazola has long been talked about as a player who could return and spend the last seasons in Europe. In the context of 40-year-old Pau, there has been talk of potential joining Roland Schmidt’s “Barcelona” team, but so far this has not materialized and the club’s management has stated that it is not considering joining its older brother to the Catalan club.

Mark Gazol is already committed to European basketball, as he owns the Catalan team “Girona”, founded in 2014, which has risen to the second strongest league in Spain this year. Latvian basketball player Dāvis Rozītis plays in the ranks of “Girona”.

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