Mintan needs a friend; The 75-year-old is waiting with a poster on the window


I missed Joe. my wife. Self-friendly. I don’t even have friends to talk to right now. No relatives. No one else. Experiencing extreme loneliness and silence 24 hours a day. Can you help me?

Tony Williams, a 75 – year – old man, is waiting for such a poster on the window of a large house in Gloucestershire, UK. Tony’s life story is that of his wife, Joe. Of their mutual love and friendship. A rare story of male-female friendship that only ends when a woman joins. A story that reveals the value of an eternal friend as a woman.

Joey met Tony Williams 35 years ago as a legal secretary at a bar. The acquaintance grew into love. Arrived at the wedding. They built a big house behind a beautiful garden, a paradise of happiness. But there is only one happiness away from their lives. They did not have children to pamper and love. But their lives were never affected by that grief.

Joe was my best friend. Partner. We had no secrets. 25 years of married life has passed like a moment – says Tony with unbearable sadness. They even cooked together in the kitchen. Listening to music and reading a book all together. Everyone hailed them as the ideal couple. The disease that destroyed everything and came without stopping. Pancreatic cancer. Joe lived only 9 days after being diagnosed with the disease. Death was sudden. After that Tony was alone.

Tony needs a friend now. To speak. To support and shade each other. Tony would carry some cards in his hand while going to the supermarkets. Card that says he is alone and he is interested in friends. He has already issued 25 such cards. But no one ever called him on his phone. No visitor came to that house. After that, as a last resort, Tony waits with a poster on the front window of the house.

No one can replace Joe’s wife. Joe fills my mind. When I walk into the bedroom I always look at the picture of Joe smiling. Those memories never leave me. All I need now is a friend who lives with Joe’s memories. To endure this loneliness and silence. No one will miss this poster. No one will ever come here … Tony’s waiting in the house full of pictures and memories of Joe.

English Syummary: Lonely widower’s heart-wrenching poster begging for friends after losing wife

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