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The left-handed batsman’s first response to the question of who would be the biopic presenter was that he had no face in his mind.

In Bollywood as the grandfather of Indian cricket Hrithik Roshan It has been a long time since rumors of his arrival began to spread. But Hrithik Roshano Sourav Ganguly This has not yet been officially confirmed.Of Sourav Ganguly Hrithik Roshan is rumored to be starring in the biopic. Sourav Ganguly has finally responded to the news days later. Ganguly’s reaction was on a chat show hosted by Neha Dhupia.

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The left-handed batsman’s first answer to the question of who would be if the biopic was presented was that no one’s face was on his mind. But Ganguly’s interesting answer to Neha’s question that it would be better to do Hrithik is as follows:

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“He’s going to have to transform his body like me. A lot of people are praising his body beauty. People are praising his beauty. People will tell him to build a body like Hrithik. Before that, let Hrithik change his body like me.”

Ganguly did not give a clear answer as to whether there would be a biopsy.

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First published:September 17, 2020 12:30 PM IST

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