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“Liepāja”, which is in the leading position of the tournament table, did not hesitate to prove its favorite status in the game in Latgale. The team coached by Gunta Pujāta scored two goals in the first third, with Rihards Fomins and Bruno Zabi standing out with precise throws. From the management of two goals, the Kurzeme team further increased its advantage in the second period. Liepāja residents sent three discs at Maksim Chmutov’s goal. Raivo Freidenfelds scored the third goal for Liepaja, but Kristers Freibergs scored the fourth goal in this game. Egīls Kalns increased the lead of Liepāja players to 5: 0, threatening the Latgale team with a thorough destruction before the final twenty minutes.

The third third started with a happy moment for the home team. Daugavpils intercepted the puck and in the minority went in a quick attack two against one defender. The puck was delivered to the far corner to Vadim Vabishchev, who opened the bill for the Daugavpils gate. After that, the blood pressure dropped for the players of both teams, the teams exchanging rudeness and a series of aggressive actions. The judges had to apply a series of dismissals. “Dinaburga” turned the rejections of Liepāja residents into its second goal gain, sending Maris Leščovs exactly 2: 5. More than twice, the Latgale team failed to beat Māris Jučers until the end of the period and the game. Kurzeme managed to score another goal at the very end of the match, four seconds until the end signal. Thus, Linards Mazurs-Mago rounded the success of “Liepāja” to 6: 2.

Bruno Zabis, who has one goal and two assists, scored three performance points in this fight in the ranks of Liepāja. Kristers Freibergs and Roman Nekudov wrote two points in their bills.

Meanwhile, in the second fight of this evening, there was no intrigue between the “Mogo” and “Prizma” teams. Jānis Ozoliņš revealed the result of the game in favor of the favorite, but Jānis Straupe doubled the advantage of the “Mogo” team before the end of the first period. In the second period, Kārlis Čukste and Edgars Kurmis increased the advantage of “Mogo” by two more goals, which made Reinis Petkus take four discs from his goal. However, by the end of the second third, “Mogo” ‘s bloodshed was not satisfied, with Robs Šremps performing the fifth accurate shot for the home team – 5: 0. In the last match of the match, “Prizma” hockey players also failed to score an honorable goal, but instead Schremps made another accurate throw, scoring the sixth unanswered goal in favor of “Mogo” and ensuring success with 6: 0.

Rob Schremp became the most productive player in this match with three points for two goals and a pass. Jānis Straupe and Kārlis Čukste accumulated two more points in the ranks of “Mogo”. However, the winning goalkeeper Henrijs Ančs did not get very sweaty, repelling the throws made by 16 opponents.

“Dinaburg” – “Liepaja” 2: 6 (0: 2; 0: 3; 2: 1)

Gates: 06:01 Fomins (Freibergs, Nekudov) 0:1, 08:13 Zabis (Gipters) 0:2, 20:41 Freidenfelds (Ozoliņš, Nimman more) 0:3, 26:20 Freibergs (Nekudov) 0:4, 33:42 The Mountain (Zabis) 0:5, 40:24 Vabishchev (Pancevich Maz.) 1:5, 45:55 Leshchov (Matej more) 2:5, 59:56 Mazurs-Mago (Zabis, Grīnbergs more) 2:6
Litter: 31:37

“Mogo / LSPA” – “Prizma / IHS” 6: 0 (2: 0; 3: 0; 1: 0)

Gates: 14:28 Ozolins (Party, Strap) 1:0, 15:52 Straupe (Lipsbergs, Schremps) 2:0, 20:48 Whisper (Zhelubowski, Gricinsky, etc.) 3:0, 28:01 Kurmis (Mamanovs, Whisper) 4:0, 37:55 Šremps (Straupe more) 5:0, 57:39 Scremp 6:0
Litter: 49:16

This week’s OHL games

DateThe gamePlaceTime / Res.
16.09.Dinaburg – LiepajaDaugavpils ice hall2:6
Mogo / LSPA – Prizma / IHSMogo ledus halle6:0
17.09.Riga – Olimp / Venta 2002Hockey hall Riga19:00
19.09.Prism / IHS – Olimp / Venta 2002Volvo SC ledus halle13:00
Riga – HK Zemgale / LLUHockey hall Riga13:30
Liepāja – Mogo / LSPALOC ledus halle17:00

Tournament table

2.Mogo / LSPA3200113:94
3.Olimp / Venta 2002110006:32
4.Zemgale / LLU2100111:52

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