Kravčenoka / Graudiņa wins in the subgroup; three Latvian duos withdraw from EC in Jurmala


Latvia’s leading women’s beach volleyball duo Anastasija Kravčenoka / Tīna Graudiņa won in her subgroup on Wednesday, September 16, but Marta Ozoliņa / Luīze Skrastiņa, Krista Paegle / Kristīne Briede and Anete Namiķe / Varvara Brailko withdrew from the European Championship in Jūrmala.

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The current European champions Kravčenoka / Graudiņa will continue in the elimination tournament on Thursday, but Ozoliņa / Skrastiņa, Paegle / Briede and Namiķe / Brailko finished the tournament in 25th place.

In the second game of subgroup B with the number 31, Ozoliņa / Skrastiņa with the result 0-2 (13:21, 8:21) gave in to Jekaterina Birlova and Jevgenija Ukolova (15th) from Russia. As a result, the Latvians suffered a second loss in the tournament and did not qualify for the playoffs.

It has already been reported that on the first day of the tournament, they acknowledged the superiority of Laura Ludviga and Margareta Kozuha with the result 0-2 (7-21, 16-21).

In group G, in the struggle for survival, 18-year-old Paegle / Briede (tournament number 26) lost 0-2 (15:21, 18:21) to Germans Kima Berens / Sinja Tilmane, who were sown with the tenth number.

In subgroup F, European U-20 champion Namicke / Brailko (number 27) lost 0-2 (17:21, 16:21) to the French duo Alexander Župite / Alina Šamero, who was sown with number 22.

In the final game of the day, Tīna Graudiņa and Anastasia Kravčenoka (5th) defeated Ksenija Dabizis and Darya Rudih (21st) from Russia in three sets with 2-1 (21:16, 19:21, 15:10), winning the first place E group.

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