INNALILLAHI Beautiful Policewoman Bripka Christin Killed by the Car of the Deputy Regent of Yalimo, This is the Chronology


The sad news, Innalillahi Wainnailahi Rojiun, Bripka Christin Meisye Batfeny (36), a female police officer (Polwan), was killed by the car of Deputy Regent Yalimo.

This sad news shocked the Police Chief. Allegedly, Deputy Regent of Yalimo Jayapura Selatan Erdi Dabi was under the influence of alcohol while driving his car

Erdi Dabi is now being questioned by the police to clarify the incident that killed Polwan Bripka Christin Meisye Batfeny


TRIBUNJABAR.ID – A policewoman (policewoman), Bripka Christin Meisye Batfeny (36) died after being hit by a car.

The victim died when he was hit by a Toyota Hilux driven by Yalimo Deputy Regent Erdi Dabi in South Jayapura District, Jayapura City, Papua, Wednesday (16/9/2020) at around 07.30 WIT.

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It is known that the Deputy Regent of Yalimo, Erdi Dabi, 31 years old, is back in the Yalimo Regional Pilkada 2020 as a Candidate for Yalimo Regent 2020-2025.

So that the car lost control and hit the victim on Ardipura road, precisely at the corner near the Alfian Polimak I workshop, South Jayapura District, around 07.30 WIT.

The Hilux car driven by the Deputy Regent of Yalimo, Erdi Dabi, entered a ditch after hitting a policewoman on a motorbike, Jayapura, Papua, Wednesday (16/9/2020) (Special) (ISTIMEWA)

Kapolresta Jayapura City AKBP Gustav R Urbinas when confirmed by the media crew, confirmed the accident which resulted in the death of Polri members.

“The case of this accident is in the handling of the traffic unit of the Jayapura City Police and the ED perpetrators are in the stage of further investigation by traffic unit investigators,” said Gustav as reported by tribratanews Papua.

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