Ilian Stoyanov: I wanted to plant a bomb in the offices of “Levski”


Ilian Stoyanov has been in Japan for years, but he continues to be excited about what is happening with “Levski”.

The former defender of the “blues” gave an interview to “Tema Sport”, in which he touched on the situation in his favorite club, and also spoke about his future from a professional point of view.

“Levski needs time now. The period is difficult. New owners, no money, no team. Things are very bad and from this point of view I refrain from commenting. The only thing I wrote in Facebook during this period.” is for Titi Papazov (b.r. – he wrote “Papazov is a shame for” Levski “. He should be more restrained. He does not like to behave like a member of the board of” Levski “)”, explained Kolovati and categorically stated that “Levski” without “father” is somehow nicer, but it will be difficult.

“I believe that things will happen, but it will take time. For me, Nasko Sirakov understands the most about football in Bulgaria,” Stoyanov added.

“Many times. I didn’t want to go to the players’ locker room, I wanted to go to the paratroopers who were hired. And to tell them some things. The players are not to blame – they were selected by someone. I wanted to. to put a bomb in the offices to remove all those who ruin a great club like “Levski”, he said in response to a question whether over the years his dival came to go to the locker room of “Gerena” to ask the players who are and what are they doing there.

The 43-year-old former defender also expressed the opinion that he is thinking about working in professional football, having previously dealt entirely with children.

In addition, Stoyanov named Stilian Petrov as his favorite for a new president of the Bulgarian Football Union, because he is respected everywhere.

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