If the mask is lowered, it will fall off 17Sep2020


Dubai : Expansion of checks across the UAE to catch those entering public places without wearing or wearing a mask. This is as the Dubai Ministry of Finance and the police have stepped up action.
Twelve Dubai-based businesses, including gyms, tailor shops and malls, have been fined for not wearing masks. Five shops were also warned not to maintain social distance. The Ministry has requested the public to report any violations of the Kovid Act on 600545555 or through the website www.consumerrights.ae.

The Dubai Ministry of Finance yesterday closed a restaurant on Bluewater Island that did not keep a social distance. This is the second restaurant in Dubai to be closed for Kovid security violations. A restaurant in Satwa was also closed on Friday. He was also warned not to wear a mask and not to put up stickers to maintain social distance. Dubai Tourism authorities have also taken action against four companies. Permits of 14 establishments have been revoked. 19 institutions were warned. The Sports Council also closed a non-compliant swimming training center. He was also fined 5,000 dirhams for not keeping physical distance. Another sports center was fined 3,000 dirhams for not wearing a face mask.

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