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KOMPAS.com – Four housewives in Sumedang were questioned by the police regarding the video recording the cutting of the red and white flag that went viral on social media.

In the video, several laughing women were seen cutting red and white flags.

The four housewives from Sumedang Regency are ISR (36), DHY (30), PO (40), and AN (51).

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POs are the perpetrators of flag-cutting. DHY was the one who recorded the video and ISR who uploaded the video on social media. Meanwhile, AN played a role in holding the flag when it was cut.

The video was recorded on Tuesday (15/9/2020) at around 14.00 WIB in Sumedang.

One of the perpetrators admitted to the police that they cut the flag because his autistic child often carried flags everywhere.

By cutting the flags that they often carry, the mother hopes that her child will deter her and do not do this again.

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“The mother tore (cut) the flag to remind or give a deterrent effect to her child.”

“Incidentally, the child has a mental disorder or disability, where every day the child goes everywhere, whether sleeping, or playing, etc., always holding a red and white flag,” said Head of Public Relations of the West Java Regional Police, Kombes Erdi A. Chaniago. from TribunJakarta, Wednesday (16/9/2020).

“Maybe it took too long to do this, the mother was angry, so she cut the flag in front of her child,” he added.

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He also explained that the mothers in Sumedang admitted that they did not intend to insult the national symbol or NKRI and only had a deterrent effect on children who always carried the flag.

“But the interim examination stated that his mother did not have any motive related to hatred against Indonesia or our flag,” said Erdi.

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Apart from securing the four perpetrators, the police also secured evidence in the form of scissors and cell phones used during the action.

“Regarding whether there is a criminal element or not, we will see the results from the results of the examination,” he said.

SOURCE: KOMPAS.com (Author: Aam Aminullah | Editor: Aprillia Ika)

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