Grass price for Collector’s order: No pay for past ambulance drivers in Quarantine


Calcutta: Royal Ambulance for Day Workers in ITDP Two months after Querrein’s pay for drivers Cruelty to us. Two ambulances working under the ITDP office were dry. Two months after contact with varicose veins Previously spent 14 days in Quarantine.

Employees in the office are not entitled to pay due to PT. They had lodged a complaint with the Collector. Collector’s direction to allow payment to the concerned authorities In. However, the pro-government organization is not responsible for the involvement of the burden bearer. Even after two months, they have not received any compensation.

Other employees in the department are also paid on quarantine days. Ambulance drivers point out technical hurdles The only thing that keeps the paycheck. All the house cars that had to go to the quarantine were part of Jolie. It is very difficult for drivers to come and stay at home. Says.

ITDP Project Officer to pay salaries to drivers The signature on the file can be found when contacting the office. Nth. Do you stand by these answers given by the Collector and his superiors? No, their salaries are still withheld after a month. Th. Ambu is one of the best intermediaries in code defense. Powered by Blogger. However, this is not a technical issue for office workers. You are about to start the journey on the path to your success. The driver is again complaining to the collector about the matter. Rs.

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