Gebrev in a letter to Borisov and Geshev: He wants his poisoning to be investigated by the EU, together with Navalny


Businessman Emilian Gebrev, owner of the arms company EMCO Ltd., sent an open letter to Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev, with a copy to President Rumen Radev and EU ambassadors, requesting that the case of his poisoning be included in discussions on the topic. starting in the EU and NATO.

“This issue should be considered alongside Navalny and Skripal of the forthcoming EU Council,” Gebrev wrote. He insists in his letter on 5 more things.

– Bulgaria to immediately formally request technical assistance from the OPCW.

– Bulgaria to immediately state whether there are any forms of material evidence that would help for a new, more in-depth analysis of the war poison used in Bulgaria.

– The Bulgarian authorities to proactively engage in joint actions with the authorities of Germany and the United Kingdom for joint efforts to solve crimes.

– Bulgaria to officially request assistance from Russia in clarifying the identity of the identified defendants in the case, as well as the others who are in the process of clarification

– The Bulgarian authorities to allow the investigation of the emerging possible Bulgarian accomplices, instigators and guarantors of the terrorist act against us.

In recent days, there has been widespread outrage in the democratic world over the poisoning of Russian citizen Alexei Navalny. Germany, which has sheltered him and is fighting for his life, has already officially stated that the poison used is from the Novichok family. Chemical Weapons (OPCW) The European Union and NATO are discussing a political response to this crime, including sanctions, in short, the democratic world has stood up as one to save lives and reveal the truth about the poisoning of a Russian citizen. , outside its territory “, describes the businessman.

According to him, however, there is a complete contrast in Bulgaria, as “the unfinished investigation of the so-called” Bulgarian Novice “, carried out on our territory in 2015, has officially stopped.”

The suspension of the investigation in Bulgaria coincided with the events around Navalny by accident. “They were loudly publicized by the prosecutor’s office, made possible only thanks to parallel external investigations and the world media. Some of these investigations were also awarded the Pulitzer Prize,” Gebrev explained.

According to him – the facts that illustrate the sabotage of the investigation of the “Bulgarian Novice” are abundant. Among them is a refusal to establish the composition and origin of the poison. Bulgaria, despite being a member of the OPCW, continues to refuse technical assistance to this organization. Unlike Britain and now Germany, there is a demonstrative reluctance to work actively with our allies to uncover the facts and circumstances. There is also a refusal to send a request to the Russian side to clarify the identity and other facts about the accused and other established persons, as well as a refusal to investigate any possible connections with events and processes in Bulgaria, as well as possible Bulgarian guarantors, instigators or accomplices. .

Gebrev wants the decision to suspend the investigation to be overturned, but also to be deepened at the international level.

In 2015, Emilian Gebrev, his son and Valentin Takhchiev were poisoned, later the question was raised whether this happened with the consumption of arugula, and then an investigation was launched against three Russian citizens, which became clear, however, that it was terminated.

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