For the first time, the Czech Republic exceeded the limit of 2,000 new coronavirus cases per day. Pibv people who died with the covid Home


Prague For the first time, more than 2,000 cases of coronavirus occurred in the Czech Republic in one day. On Wednesday, tests confirmed the infection in 2139 people, which is 464 more than in ter. In less than half a year, 41,032 people became infected, and the birds from them spilled out. The current number is 17,619 people. It follows from the data of the Ministry of Health.

Vtina nakaench m mild course of the disease. However, the number of hospitalized is growing, in the last week it has risen by more than one aunt. Pibv is the people who died with the covid.

According to the data, there were 388 people in the hospitals with coronavirus, 55 vc than the previous day. The patient in this condition is 81, in the last week more than a quarter of them have been added. According to Monday’s opinion of the Minister of Health Adam Vojtech (for YES), hospitals will manage multiple patients with covid-19 not now, even in external cases.

Since the arrest, the number of people who have died with coronavirus has started to rise. Statistics now show 482 obt, 58 people with covid-19 have died since the arrest. This week I have 17 obt.

The number of times that rose was also growing in the past week, when the daily finger crossed the press for the first time. Since then, more than a thousand confirmed orders have been added daily, with the exception of Sundays. But everything was tested. In August, the number of tests per day exceeded 10,000 once a day. The ministry will inform about the middle sweat test on Thursday in the afternoon.

Now the most pronounced is now in Prague and in the sawdust districts of Central Bohemia, but also in Kromsko, elsewhere in Pilsen, Uherskohradisko and Cheb region. In Prague, hygienists have confirmed 155 cases in pepot per 100,000 inhabitants in the last seven days, followed by Kromsko with 150 cases, Prague-entrance with 135 cases and Berounsko with dark 133 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

From Thursday the 10th of salaries throughout the Czech Republic the obligation to wear a veil in the interior of buildings. At the same time, the Ministry of Health called on citizens to comply with the basic hygiene rules under the abbreviation 3Y – in addition to no handkerchief, it is a regular hand wash and a two-meter spacing. From Friday 18:00, the Ministry of Health will start internal mass events on the wall for more than ten people. Exceptions are exhibitions, markets and similar events. At the season events, tickets will have to be sold to a specific city. At this point, it is a priority to stop the exponential number of positive cases. I can’t rule out the bag, he gave it, Minister Vojtch said on Wednesday.

Former Minister of the Ministry and current Government Commissioner for Science and Research in Health Roman Prymula said on Monday that the swine would probably grow for at least two or three weeks.

Overview of daily fingerprints of coronavirus infection in the Czech Republic and neighboring countries in the last 14 days
3. 9.6761429612403121
4. 9.7971467691357137
5. 9.506775567358226
6. 9.41066743718488
7. 9.559181330229022
8. 9.1161130440052091
9. 9.11581378421502161
10. 9.13801758506664178
11. 9.14461618594580186
12. 9.1538822603869201
13. 9.79175150246379
14. 9.1035192337738248
15. 9.16771901605764188
16. 9.2139219460076892

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