First PHOTOS and VIDEO of Tottenham from Plovdiv airport


Tottenham’s team landed in Plovdiv and quickly passed through the border control, after which the players and the staff boarded the buses and minibuses, which took them to the Imperial Hotel. None of the group of the London grandmaster made a statement. Only an avid fan of the “spurs” did not know how he managed to get to his pets and left happy with the badge given to him.

Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho got on the bus with his players. There was no separate car for him, as reported by Lokomotiv that he had such a requirement. Known as the Special Portuguese, he obeyed the rules and wore a face mask, as did team star Harry Kane. However, some of the players and staff ignored the requirements.

As Maritza has already reported, Tottenham have refused the official training to which they were entitled. They checked into the hotel, where they will stay until their departure for the stadium tomorrow at around 5 p.m. The match starts at 19.00 and will be played in empty stands.

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Coach Mourinho greeted everyone who came to meet him with his thumbs up and got on a bus with his players.

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