‘Expansion of Lelystad Airport already cost 214 million euros’


The expansion was paid for by six parties: Royal Schiphol Group (owner of the airport), the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, Air Traffic Control the Netherlands, the province of Flevoland, the municipality of Lelystad and the municipality of Almere.

According to FtM and Omroep Flevoland, finding out the financial figures about the expansion of the polder airport was not that easy: “no one, not even the government institutions involved, appears to have kept up to date with what has been invested in the airport so far”.

The construction of infrastructure was the largest cost item at 110 million euros. This included extending the runway and raising the air traffic control tower, the terminal building and its layout, parking spaces and accommodation for the fire brigade.

For the province of Flevoland, the largest infrastructure cost item was the extension of Anthony Fokkerweg, the access road to the airport: 8.8 million euros. In addition, 1.2 million was spent on a bicycle highway to the airport. More than 51 studies were required for the expansion. These cost more than 7 million euros, largely paid for by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

Traffic controllers
Recently, there was a lot to do for air traffic controllers who have been working at Lelystad Airport since November 2019, while only General Aviation uses the airport. The costs thereof amount to 365,000 euros per month. Up to and including the end of 2020, this is 5.1 million euros. These costs fall under the item ‘operating costs’, which amounted to 24.4 million euros.

The opening of Lelystad Airport has already been postponed several times and is now scheduled for November 1, 2021. Whether that date will be met is doubtful: Lelystad Airport does not have the necessary nature permit for the expansion and the nitrogen calculations for the airport have to be redone.

In addition, the demand for airline tickets has dropped significantly due to the corona crisis. The cabinet is sticking to the opening because it is expected that air traffic will pick up again and that there will be a need for an overflow airport for Schiphol. The opening of Lelystad Airport is also linked to a reduction in the number of night flights operated by KLM at Schiphol.

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