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The top five unanimously included Lebron James (Los Angeles Lakers) and Greek Jannis Adetokunbo (Milwaukee Bucks). They both received 100 out of 100 possible votes.

The first symbolic selection also includes James Harden (Houston Rockets), Entney Davis (Lakers, Los Angeles) and Luka Dončič (Dallas, Mavericks), a member of Kristaps Porziņš’s team.

James has become the first player in the history of the NBA, who is included in the symbolic national team of the season 16 times – 13 in the first, two in the second and once in the third five.

Karim Abduljabar, Kobe Brianent and Tim Duncan once made the symbolic national team season 15 times.

Dončič has become the second Mavericks player after the German Dirka Novicka, who has been included in the NBA’s first symbolic team.

Novicki was included in the NBA’s first team in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2009.

Dončič has already earned recognition in the second season of his career in the NBA. Previously, this honor was won in the first or second season by Tim Dankan, who in 1998/99. represented the second year of the season in San Antonio “Spurs”.

The first NBA symbolic team: Luke Donchic (Dallas Mavericks), James Harden (Houston Rockets), Lebron James, Anthony Davis (both Los Angeles Lakers) and Janis Adetokunbo (Milwaukee Bucks).

Second NBA Symbolic Team: Nicola Jokitch (Denver Nuggets), Kavai Lenard (Los Angeles Clippers), Demian Lilard (Portland Trail Blazers), Chris Paul (Oklahoma City Thunder) and Pascal Siakams (Toronto Raptors) .

Third NBA Symbolic Team: Jimmy Butler (Miami Heat), Rudy Gober (Utah Jazz), Ben Simons (Philadelphia 76ers), Jason Tatums (Boston Celtics) and Russell Westbrook (Houston Rockets).

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