Corona in Delft student house: ‘I’m glad that only I got infected’


All 22 residents were quarantined when it turned out that housemate Dirk Buijs had corona. No one was allowed out and food was ordered. “It is difficult,” says Buijs about the situation to the NOS. ‘I’m glad no one else got infected. I hope it stays with me. But fun is different. ‘

‘We all find it unbelievably disappointing that we have to be quarantined for ten days,’ says his roommate Wouter van Burik. ‘But everyone is aware: this is necessary. Anyone who had a cough immediately locked himself in his room and immediately made an appointment to test themselves. Only when they had a negative test result did they come out. ‘

Emergency clock

In Delft, the student associations sounded the alarm on Tuesday ‘It is five to twelve’, they say. The number of infections in the student city has risen sharply in recent weeks and students make up 80 percent of the people who tested positive. The student associations work closely with TU Delft, the GGD and the municipality.

There are no specific guidelines for student houses. They are not seen as one household and must therefore adhere to all advice in public, such as a distance of 1.5 meters from each other. In Leiden and Delft, according to local claims, this is not necessary indoors.

24 hours complaint free

However, housemates are dependent on each other when it comes to complaints. If someone in the student house has a fever or symptoms of shortness of breath, housemates also stay at home until the result of the test is known. Housemates with complaints must be tested. Ultimately, the entire house remains in quarantine until everyone is free of complaints for 24 hours.

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