China has deployed bombers in the Himalayas


Chinese Army Command Deploys Several H-6 Bombers Closer to India PHOTO: Pixabay

The Chinese army command has deployed several H-6 bombers closer to India. According to Western observers, Beijing has not abandoned the tactic of putting pressure on Delhi. India does not give up and prepares the Su-30 and the French Rafale fighters.

The Chinese ambassador to Delhi said that Beijing had committed itself to the de-escalation agreement reached during the talks in Moscow within the framework of the meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the Russian newspaper Nezavisimaya Gazeta writes.

The information about the deployment of Chinese planes to the theater of possible military action is based on photos and videos published by the regional command of the People’s Liberation Army of China (PLA). The US military magazine Military Watch Magazine claims that the H-6 can ensure the superiority of the PLA in the event of a collision in the mountainous region of Ladakh, FOCUS reported.

In total, China has more than 270 of these machines, but most of them are located at airports near the coast, that is, where the US Navy and Air Force and their allies operate. And in the Himalayas, both China and India have few air bases, so these bombers are drastically changing the balance of power in favor of Beijing.

As for the Su-30 and the French Rafale fighters, these are the most modern aircraft in the Indian Air Force that can be used to repel a possible strike, according to experts.

However, China is not only preparing for an air war. According to Reuters, Chinese troops are laying an optical cable into the ground to their positions near Pangon Tso Lake, where the two armies recently clashed. A senior Indian official told the agency’s reporter that the cable would provide troops with reliable communication. And Indian units so far use only radio communications.

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