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Gatis Čakšs started the competition in the Czech Republic with a 78.75 meter long javelin throw. Moldovan Adrian Mardare immediately took the lead with a result of 81.36 meters and added another centimeter in the next throw. Soon the competitors were overtaken by the home keeper Vitezslav Veselijs, taking the lead with the result 81.54 m. But he was only the leader until Gata’s sixth throw. In the first two attempts, Chaksa’s results were 78.75 m and 79.33 m. This was followed by two countless attempts, but in the fifth approach the Latvian marked a show with a distance of 78.02 meters. However, with the last throw, Chaksh made a loud point – 82,19 meters long shot. This allowed Chaksh to become the winner of the Kladno competition in the men’s competition.

For Chaksh, this was the 11th start of the season, during which he won nine times. In all nine successes, the competition tool thrown by the Latvian javelin thrower flew over the 80-meter mark.

Madara Palameika also competed in the women’s competition. With the result 58,60 m she ranked fifth. After the first two countless attempts, Palameika achieved her best result of the day with the third litter. This was followed by another uncounted litter, but at the end of the competition Palameika was awarded 55.07 and 54.59 meters long throws. Still the world record holder Barbora Špotakova won – 64.34 m.

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