Case of Imam Mosque Stabbed When Leading Prayers at OKI, South Sumatra Regional Police Ensures There Are No Elements of Sara Page all


PALEMBANG, – The South Sumatra Regional Police confirmed that M Arif (61), an imam of the mosque in Ogan Ilir (OKI), South Sumatra, has confirmed that there is no sara element.

This was emphasized directly by the Head of the Public Relations Division of the South Sumatra Regional Police, Kombes Pol Supriadi, Wednesday (16/9/2020).

Supriadi said, from the results of the investigation of Meyudin (49), the action was motivated by his frustration with the victim.

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Where Meyudin, who worked as a marbot at the Nurul Iman Tanjung Rancing Mosque, Kayu Agung District, OKI Regency, felt offended because the key to the charity box was asked by the victim.

Feeling annoyed, Meyudin then took a sharp weapon and stabbed the victim while he was praying Maghrib on Friday (11/9/2020).

“The victim asked for the key to the charity box because he served as the head of the mosque. However, the perpetrator was so upset that an intention to persecute the victim appeared. There was no sara element or indication of involvement of a particular organization in this case,” said Supriadi, via text message, Wednesday (16/9 / 2020).

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Supriadi explained that his party had approached M Arif’s family to anticipate unwanted things. He asked the public to submit the case to the police.

“We have visited the victim’s house and the local RT to suppress the victim’s family so as not to retaliate against the perpetrator and the perpetrator’s family,” he said.

It was reported earlier that M Arif died after three days of treatment at the Muhammad Hoesin Hospital (RSMH) Palembang on Monday (14/9/2020) yesterday after experiencing severe injuries due to being stabbed by Meyudin while praying.

Meyudin himself was immediately arrested by the congregation after carrying out the action and handed over to the local police.

After undergoing examination, Meyudin was finally named a suspect.

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