Burial for the first time in a ‘living coffin’ made of hyphae


Researchers at TU Delft have developed a coffin of a living organism, which is normally found in the roots of trees, plants and mushrooms. Last week, the first person was buried there. According to the university, waste products from the human body can be converted into nutrients more quickly. This provides an enriched breeding ground for everything that grows above the ground.

“The Living Cocoon allows people to become one with nature again, so that they can enrich the soil instead of polluting it,” says Bob Hendrikx, founder of the company that makes the coffin. According to him, the box contributes to “efficient composting” of the body and cleans up toxic substances.

Threads from a fungus

The new boxes are made from the living organism mycelium, a network of all threads of a fungus. “It is constantly looking for waste to convert it into nutrients for the environment. It does the same with toxins, such as oil, plastic and metal. Mycelium has been used in Chernobyl, for example, is used in Rotterdam for soil remediation and some farmers also use it to make land healthy again, ”Hendrikx said.

Last week, the first person was buried in the new coffin. Until now, a limited first edition of ten boxes has been made.

Photo: TU Delft

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