Bigg Boss Malayalam Fame Arya’s Daughter Roya’s Dance Video Get Viral | Arya’s daughter Roya happily at her father’s house! Taraputri’s video goes viral



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Actress Arya, who gained popularity through Badai Bungalow, got huge support when she came as a contestant in Bigg Boss. Little did most people know about Arya’s private life, where she used to tell jokes. The outside world knew about Arya ‘s family from the revelations made through Bigg Boss.

Like Arya, daughter Roya is now a baby celebrity. Roya’s birthday was a big celebration when Arya was in Bigg Boss. Even then, daughter Arya’s husband was with Rohit. Now Arya has gone abroad for an event and her daughter is with her father Rohit. Arya herself informed the fans about this.


Now a dance video of baby Roya is going viral on social media. In the video shared by Rohit, Rohit’s sister Kalpana is playing Roy Dance with Sushilan’s son. For a very short time, Roy’s video went viral. Arya is an actress who often has no hesitation in releasing pictures and videos with her daughter.

She used to share her daughter’s jokes and her likes on Instagram. Arya often says that her daughter’s happiness is hers above all else. Arya’s husband Rohit Sushilan is the brother of serial actress and former Bigg Boss star Archana Sushilan. Arya, who got married at a very young age, had revealed the reason for her abandonment of her first marriage.


Arya said that she was the reason behind the break up with Rohit through her outspokenness in Bigg Boss. Arya had said that they are still close friends. Arya will be with her daughter Rohit when she is busy with filming and other events.

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The actress had also said that she has a crush on him. The actress has not yet said who he is, but has said that she can call him Jan. Days ago, Arya’s birthday. Bigg Boss’ friends Veena Nair, Elena Padikkal and Fukru hosted a surprise party for Arya in Dubai.

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