Anna Slováčková admitted: What is she avoiding because of coronavirus?


Anička Slováčková has been struggling with health problems for a long time, the more she is worried about the fact that a new coronavirus has spread around the world. The talented actress and singer has now admitted that in some places you will still not meet her because of it.

Anička Slováčková, who was diagnosed by doctors some time ago, is still not 100% fit. As she admitted after putting the car in service, at least some things are better avoided in her case during the coronavirus epidemic.

“My Bara is going to service. Poor thing bothered me quite a bit this summer.

The daughter of famous parents simply can’t do without a car at the moment, so she had to quickly start looking for an alternative solution. “Then a friend asked me if I would like to try some super lighthouse for a while, and I, who was already without Bara, immediately nodded,” she confided.

So if you now see Slováčková on the roads, she will be sitting in a BMW car, which she confirmed on the social network. However, he still counts on the old car.

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