An unprecedented element swept Greece for hours


Greek Deputy Defense Minister Nikos Hardalias gave an emergency briefing on Cyclone Yanos, which is expected to hit the country in the coming days. The relatively rare phenomenon the country encountered in 1995.

From tomorrow, September 17, a deep barometric bottom is expected to hit Greece, said the Deputy Minister of Civil Defense, referring to the invading Mediterranean cyclone, which he said is a storm and resembles tropical cyclones, but is weaker. From tomorrow, Thursday, late afternoon, the Mediterranean cyclone is expected to hit Western Greece and the Ionian Islands, such as Zakynthos, Kefalonia, Ithaca, but also Elijah and Messinia. On Friday, it will affect the rest of the Peloponnese, Central Greece, but also Attica and Evia, where floods are expected. Cyclades are also expected to be affected from Friday night. On Saturday, however, it is possible to hit the island of Crete.

Lightning floods are expected in both urban and coastal areas. There may be temporary disruptions in electricity, water and telecommunications, while, as Mr Hardalias mentioned, trees and poles may fall due to strong winds blowing.

A powerful hurricane hits the Ionian Islands and the Peloponnese at 150 km / h on Thursday, a flood is expected! MAP

Minister Hardalias called on citizens, especially in the areas that will be affected first, to remain fully prepared and follow the instructions of the Civil Protection.

First, “those who have been in areas that have been flooded in the past or near rivers, torrents or shores should not remain in basements, semi-basements or ground floors,” Mr Hardalias said, advising citizens living in buildings near the coast, consider staying elsewhere during the crisis weather days.

Second, “avoid any unnecessary movement, secure the doors and move to higher levels in the event of a flood.
“Third, don’t cross streams for any reason, on foot or while driving.”

The Minister also recommended to keep calm and the citizens to follow the relevant announcements in the media and the instructions of the authorities.


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