15 Hospitals in East Java Received Ventilator Assistance


The handover of 26 ventilators was carried out symbolically from the Governor of East Java Khofifah Indar Parawansa to 15 hospitals that submitted requests for assistance through the East Java Provincial Health Office.

As the official statement received Health Liputan6.com, 15 hospitals in East Java that received ventilator assistance, as follows:

1. Mojekerto City and RSUD dr. Wahidin Sudirohusodo, totaling 1 unit

2. Pasuruan City with dr. Soedarsono, a total of 4 units

3. Mojekorto with Prof. Dr. Soekandar totaling 2 units

4. Pasuruan with 3 units of Bangil Hospital

5. Grati Hospital, amounting to 1 unit

6. Sidoarjo with 2 units of RSI Siti Hajar Sidoarjo

7. Mitra Keluarga Waru Hospital, amounting to 2 units

8. RSU Siti Khodijah, totaling 3 units

9. RS anwar Medika a total of 2 units

10. Citra Medika Hospital, amounting to 1 unit

11. Bhayangkara Hospital Pusdik Sabhara Porong, totaling 1 unit

12. Aisyiah Siti Fatimah Tulangan Hospital, amounting to 1 unit

13. RS Arafah Anwar Medika a total of 1 unit

14. Al-Islam Hospital HM Mawardhi with 1 unit

15. RS Rahman Rahim a total of 1 unit

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