100 plus 1 Ronald’s curiosities. The record? Why actually doubt


Deliberately think for a moment and remember: when did you first see him play? When was Cristiano Ronaldo first engraved in your memory?

He still doesn’t have enough. Ronaldo has overcome the shooting milestone, he also wants to oust the King of Iran

If you are watching more of the national team than the club football scene, then let me tip you: how about Greece, at Euro 2004, in the group’s first match?

He had settled in Manchester United for a year, but only at the domestic championship did he show himself to the world with all the splendor. And he started writing history. In the third set minute, he unscrewed himself into the air and sent his balloon uncontrollably to the pole with his head.

He still had a seventeen on his back instead of the beloved seven, an earring covered with a piece of patch in his ear, and a smile crossed his face for a brief moment. Portugal then lost 1: 2, initially preparing an unpleasant shock for the fans. But he also discovered the greatest hero of his (at least) football history.

Then, on June 12, 2004, Ronaldo scored in the national jersey for the first time.

Today, more than sixteen years later, he has a hundred more goals: he crossed the magic line on Tuesday night with two hits in a League of Nations match in Sweden.

One hundred plus one point of interest for Portuguese fans.

One hundred plus one story.

But for Ronald, just another of many milestones that break somehow automatically.

“I’m not going after records, they’re after me. They should be overcome naturally, “he repeated his favorite formula on Tuesday.

Most goals for the national team

109 – But Daei, Iran (1993-2006)

101 – Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal (since 2003)

84 – Ferenc Puskás, Hungary / Spain (1945-62)

79 – Godfrey Chitalu, Zambia (1968-80)

78 – Hussein Said, Iraq (1977-90)

77 – Pele, Brazil (1957-71)

But believe me, one record he is approaching would like to break. He left Pelé (77 goals), Puskás (84) and eternal rival Messi (70) long ago in the order of all national team shooters.

But it is not enough for the throne yet, Ali Daei, a mustachioed Iranian striker, has been sitting there for years, with 109 goals.

He didn’t make a bad career, he spread to Bayern Munich, but Ronald must be irritated that a guy who means nothing extra in the football world compared to him is standing in his way.

Daeí was lucky: due to his background, he often ran into opponents who were easier to score.

He has ruled in the Maldives, Laos, Lebanon, Sri Lanka and Nepal, while Ronaldo regularly opposes incomparably better opponents. And he can still cope and make his way to the top step – even though he is slowly reaching thirty-six.

But why mention age at all? So far, it seems that, at least in the national team jersey, the increasing years have absolutely no effect on Ronald. If only, then only beneficial.

Cristiano Ronaldo

A little statistic as proof:

He has played 47 matches in the national team since his 30th birthday, scoring 49 goals.

The year 2019 was the most fruitful for him in the national team: 14 goals in 10 matches.

And this year’s coronavirus-marked year began in a wine jersey exactly as expected: with a famous direct kick and a greasy shot on the back pole, he scored on the Swedes, his favorites – he has already scored seven goals in total.

Ronald’s numbers

Cristiano Ronaldo

1.04 goals for the match gives CR7 for the national team after the 30th birthday.

165 matches for the national team, Ronald had 101 goals.

To appreciate Ronald’s significance for Portugal even more, consider the other numbers.

He gives goals when he needs them most, only 17 of them were in friendly matches.

He can bite when his opponents are running out of energy: he scored 30 goals in the final quarter of an hour.

And most importantly, he can score in any way: 55 of them were right-handed, 22 left-handed and 24 heads.

Perhaps only one excavator can read to him: it doesn’t burn so much against really top opponents. He never scored a goal for Brazil, Italy, the Netherlands, England, Germany or France.

Believe me, be sure to move Ronald too. And so exactly in a month, the Portuguese in the League of Nations will go against France …

Look forward to it!

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