Zhivko Atanasov: Levski’s audience is the greatest! I want to see a team that wins every game


The new addition to the capital’s great Levski Zhivko Atanasov shared that playing for the “blues” is a dream come true for him and that he can’t wait to start training with his new teammates.

“I feel great. This is one of my dreams come true. I am very happy, ambitious and I can’t wait to start training with the team to start showing what I can. I had no hesitation to come to Levski. I am positive for the whole situation and I think that everything will be fine and the club will get back on track, as it has always been here. There was no hesitation, but a slight delay regarding the termination of my contract with my former club, “Atanasov told the Blues’ club television.

“I watched the championship. I watched certain matches, but not all of them, because in Italy at that time I was interested in other teams and championships. I always watched and was interested in what was happening in my home club. It is a pleasure for me to be here and be part of this great thing, “he added.

“Certainly imposing young players will lead to results. I hope they will be high, but of course it will take time. You have to work hard. I want to see Levski win every game. I’m used to that. I look at it, I grew up with it and I love to see it, we have to grow up and be on top where we belong.

Levski’s audience is the greatest for me. This is indisputable and we have nothing to comment on it. Fans must continue to support the club, in the way they have done so far, and show understanding. Lately, when it came out in the media that I will return to Levski, I received a lot of support. It is extremely pleasant for me and I am very happy to know that we have such an audience behind us, because this is the reason why we do it, “the defender concluded.

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“If I didn’t believe that, I wouldn’t get involved.”

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