You can’t see that! Afghan motocrosser shocks the world


Elsewhere in the world, no one would be surprised. It is a shock in Afghanistan. The 16-year-old girl rides a cross-country motorcycle, although she is worried about the reality in her country, but she believes that she will not lose her passion.


Negin Afshar drives through the city, through all its nooks and crannies, jumping over obstacles like many other enthusiasts in the world. Nothing special.

However, they are driving in Kabul, where the result of the government’s ongoing peace negotiations with the radical Taliban religious and political movement could lead to the reintroduction of restrictions on women athletes. That would probably be the end of the passion of a young motocross racer.

For the first time since the war! We will cancel everything, the clubs responded

“No, God, these restrictions on women’s rights will not occur after the eventual return of the Taliban, because our government will not allow it,” the motocrosser believes. Her video from the Afghan capital is now flying around the world. It seems like a revelation.

The most important issue that should be raised in the negotiations with the Taliban is the freedom and rights of Afghan women. If the (Taliban) wants to disrupt it, we will oppose it, “he says firmly and boldly sets out for Kabul terrain.

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