Wife who likes to swim and husband who is skeptical; Culisine2


Jr.The short film ‘Maru Kadavil, Kuliseen 2’ starring D Antony and Swasika is getting attention. This is the second part of the movie ‘Kuliseen’ which was released in 2013. Rahul K. Directed by Shaji, the film is produced by Sunil Nair (New York). In addition to Swasika and Jude, Pashanam also plays Shaji, Mathukutty and Boban Samuel Altaf Manaf.
The central characters in the film are a husband who does not know how to swim and a wife who loves to swim. The film tells the story of Ramesan, a young man who loses his peace of mind due to his wife’s swimming.
Music by music director Rahul Raj. Screenplay and dialogues by Sumesh Madhu. Story – Rahul K. Shaji and Sumesh Madhu. Camera – Rajesh Subramaniam, Ex-Producer – Shaji Komathattu. Edited by Ashwin Krishna and Production Controller Libin Varghese. Stills – Jishnu Kailas. Creative Support – Vineeth Pullatan, Nakul K Shaji, Srilal. Chief Assoc. Director – Rabbi Funnel. Publicity Design – Aneesh Lenin.

Content Highlights: Swasika Malayalam short film, Mattoru Kadavil, Kuliscene 2, Jude Anthany Joseph, Swasika Rahul Raj Musical

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