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He likes the twin Gemini

Aries is a horned creature that seems to neither hear nor accept other people’s opinions. But those born under this sign tend to create idols. And not necessarily in a love affair.

If they like someone as a guru, they follow him recklessly in their stupidest endeavors. They take his advice literally – usually by misinterpreting it – and deify his persona. With this, of course, they irritate their loved ones to death.

Despite the harm that such idolization can inflict, the most suitable for his companion is Gemini, whose endless curiosity and belligerent nature is very pleasing to Aries.

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With Cancer they cry on their shoulders

And Taurus is not a flower to smell like a friend. It’s a heavy gem – sometimes it’s even hard to get him out of the house. He is jealous. He is not on long distance relationships.

He may not talk to his closest childhood friends for months, although with the pandemic his attitude changed and the horned one got used to the remote contacts. Virgo and Capricorn impress his interest in the material.

But Cancer has the most fruitful effect on him. The friendship between these two characters can be indestructible, as it is based on their need for emotional support and a sense of security.

With Libra it is safer

Everyone has heard that Gemini is a hedgehog in his pants.

The second statement is not entirely true – that they are schizophrenics. They do not have a split personality, and by nature two personalities are born in one body, if you understand the difference. If not, then there is no point in getting close to this crazy and colorful zodiac sign.

The twins are not influenced by anyone, but their friends are usually infected by their madness.

They go well with Libra and Aquarius. For Gemini, close relationships with Aries are great, but explosive, as their potential for obscenity and whites doubles.

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There is a story with Pisces

The cancer has a soft body and a hard shell. He himself is a faithful companion and tries not to connect with people who are by your side in good times and when you suffer, they evaporate.

In friendship he demands all or nothing. It may take years for this cautious Watermark to decide to trust you.

In terms of suspicion and jealousy, it can only be compared to Scorpio, which is why they understand each other so well. There is a story with the spiritual nymphs of the zodiac, Pisces.

But he is calmest when he has Taurus as a friend. In him he finds all the stability and security that his vulnerable crab soul needs.

King to king goes

Everyone wants to be friends with Leo. If not exactly a friend, then at least in his environment.

He is a social magnet. Not because he is the soul of the company, nor because he is the smartest or the most beautiful, although he secretly believes in it. It’s just that Lions are born with irresistible magnetism.

It is partly due to their strong character, and partly due to their astonishing egocentrism and arrogance. For them, the best comrades are Sagittarius and Aries, with whom they jump to each other to riots and outrages. But the only equal partner of Leo is another Leo. This is an indestructible friendship.

With Pisces they are empath to empath

Virgos are intellectual creatures with a tendency to bully. Pisces are masochists with a tendency to intellectual poetization. Here are two signs that were born for each other.

Pisces ennobles Virgos spiritually, which in turn helps them to be a little more practical. Their compatibility is based on two common features: goodwill and empathy. Virgo has to come to terms with the fact that Pisces falls a little sloppy.

Otherwise, the other two Earth signs, namely Taurus and Capricorn, can be ideal companions of the Earth sign. They give Virgo a sense of security and serenity.

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Max and Moritz with Sagittarius

His quality as a unifier of the merry, father and soul of every party is highly valued by Gemini and Aquarius.

The two Air Signs are among his most logical friends, with the former being too explosive and the latter too distant.

But just look at what happens when Libra sniffs Sagittarius. This is a couple unsurpassed in both donkeys and good deeds. When one says “A”, the other completes the whole alphabet.

Sagittarius is always ready for atrocities, and Libra – full of ideas. The combination is explosive, but is the basis for a lifelong friendship.

He needs a second like him

It has a fiery character and is a Water Sign. Friendship with him is based on the solid foundations of intuition, inner voices, jealousy, suspicion and other sensations of Scorpio.

The logical choice for friends are Pisces and Cancer. The problem is that the stinging insect quickly loses patience with them, because Pisces are emotional liars and slip away like a wet rope when you press them against the wall, and Crabs are too tearful and obsessive.

Only one can be obsessed in this regard, and that is Scorpio! The best friend for a Scorpio can only be a second like him – Scorpio.

He’s looking for a friend in white

A philosopher (wooden), a mystic (windy) and a kamikaze adventurer, Sagittarius is born with a mission to be fired from home and to travel the longest possible distances and experience as many adventures as possible.

This is what Leo and Aries like. There can be a good friendship between the Fire Signs, which is broken only by their great egocentrism. Outside of this standard combination, the best friendly tandem is between Sagittarius and Libra.

Libra is generally not the kind of person who does whites and craziness. And when they do them, it fills Sagittarius with enthusiasm and wild joy.

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Grind flour with Aquarius

The most important thing to know is that Capricorn hates empty talk. That it was hot or raining, chats like “ruined this country” …

If you have nothing to say, why don’t you shut up! He has very few friends, but they are tested. And he usually doesn’t trust almost anyone completely.

It is believed that good candidates for friendship with him are Taurus and Virgo, who respect the fact that he is a stable and sober man. But the friendship with Aquarius inspires and elevates him.

Both signs are not in the outpourings and outbursts of feelings, do not tolerate to be bullied and hate the dishonest game.

He raises mountains with Capricorn

Aquarius is born without a sense of humor.

They have a sense of justice. Fortunately, nature has spared them, and they don’t really realize this deficit, but they think they are normally witty.

These humanists, guardians of the planet and defenders of the unjust meet like-minded people in Libra and Gemini who cheer up the serious nature of Aquarius. However, their friendship with Capricorn is the most beneficial.

Aquarius is full of ideas that he often fails to fulfill. Capricorn is a person who never leaves anything unfinished. The two raise mountains together.

The virgin makes him wise

Their notorious sensitivity makes them vulnerable, but also invincible in their intuitive understanding of life, the universe, and everything else. Including people.

If they knew how transparent they were to Pisces, the other signs would probably immediately hide somewhere to be ashamed of.

The only ones who are somewhat equal in clairvoyance are Scorpio and Cancer. That is why all three Watermarks are compatible – they understand each other without much talk.

They have an unexpectedly good friendship with the sober Virgo. It gives them a sense of stability, they help her understand herself and her emotions.

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