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The pregnancy belly is too small and you should not drink coffee. Markéta Konvičková (26) has been facing such criticism in recent days on her social networks. Many women began to compare the singer’s condition with their own. Some even condemn her for a coffee mug and a holiday in Croatia. However, a cheerful mother will not like it and carefully answers people’s comments under the photos.

5. 8. 2020 12.11 | Author Denisa Stasinková

The future mother Markéta Konvičková (26) is looking forward to the birth of her first child every day. She constantly shares photos on social networks, where she shows how her belly is growing. However, pregnancy did not change the singer’s figure and she still maintains a slender figure. It seems strange to some people and they ask Markéta where she hid her pregnancy belly.

Mothers flatten their bellies

“Margaret, are you due to give birth in two months? And where is your baby hidden? I have almost a big belly than you in the 14th week, “
wrote one of the followers to the photo in which the singer poses by the sea in Croatia. Markéta answered the question in a flash.
“I always have a smaller belly in the morning, but after a meal and in the evening I’m a balloon,” clarified. However, some women did not notice this and kept asking about their bellies.

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Future mother Markéta Konvičková enjoys summer: She showed a growing belly and showed love to her friend

However, some mothers were very upset due to similar comments under the photo. “God, I can no longer read those stupid questions where your baby is hidden. In the trunk. Girls, we’re all different, “
one of the women responded. To this were added others who also encountered such questions. “I had an equally small belly during pregnancy and everyone kept telling me where my belly was. Nice question this question. I was already allergic to her, “
she added another.

He does everything wrong

However, the pregnancy belly is not the only thing that is discussed with Markéta on Instagram. Some people also criticize her for drinking coffee.
“If you like your treasure, don’t ruin his life. Caffeine is a drug and you don’t realize the huge consequences it has for the fetus. “ wrote a woman for a photo. The singer is holding a cup of coffee on it. However, Markéta did not allow herself to be criticized and explained that she only enjoys decaffeinated drinks. Caffeine has not done her well since the beginning of her pregnancy. Among other things, there is occasional criticism in the comments that the pregnant singer went on holiday to Croatia during the coronavirus. However, Markéta ignores such remarks.


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