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Filmmaker and actress Sandra Thomas is active on social media. She often shares pictures and videos of her children’s deeds and how they play in the mud and dirt on social media. However, such posts are constantly being criticized along with likes. The actor has taken to Facebook to respond to such critics.

Sandra Thomas explains her part to those who ask what kind of mother you are. In a Facebook post, Sandra says that parents who keep their children at home by giving them a mobile phone instead of leaving them in the rain and sun have inspired them to raise their children in this way.

Full version of the Facebook post

What a mother you are !!!

I want to say this here for all those who are worried about the health of my children.

These are the kids who enjoyed the rain all year long. Not only did they not suffocate in that bath, but they kept saying that they would just pour again and again. They are children accustomed to bathing in good cold water.

When I first put them in the rain, everyone said, “What kind of mother are you? Can you shower your baby?”

When I first put them in the mud, everyone said what a mother you are to bite the babies.

When I gave them palangkanji, everyone said, “What kind of mother are you? Does anyone give old rice to children?”

When I taught them to eat by themselves, everyone said, “What a mother you are. Everybody used to show babies crows and cats.”

When I taught them the Malayalam alphabet, everyone said, “What kind of mother are you to teach them the English alphabets?”

When I told them that ego is Brahmasmi, everyone said that God is in religions.

Now everyone can proudly say that this is how children should be.

What inspires me to raise my children like this is some parents who give them a mobile phone to sit in and out of the rain and sun. I do not want to be a mother anyway. I want children who know nature, love man and grow up self-sufficient. Good luck!

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