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In a week Levski will have played its first match since the beginning of the season. They start at Gerena only on Monday, and the rival will be Beroe. In recent weeks, the “blues” were expected to have a radically different team for the new campaign, and the goal for the team – to “retain its place in the group of masters.”

We insure that the situation is extremely dynamic and many players can be sold or leave by mutual consent. It is more likely that some of them will “escape”.

If we look at the current moment, the changes in the starting team will not be very dramatic.

There will be a change in the goalkeeper position. Mijatović left with an expired contract and is now part of the ITC in Hungary. Georgi Georgiev “surprised” Levski and is expected to wear the T-shirt of the Black Sea. He would start on the bench anyway, because Nikolai Mihailov returned to the stage. The experienced guard even emerges as the first captain in the team, which Georgi Todorov and Nasko Sirakov assemble.

In defense, the situation is highest. Holmar Eilofson is virtually absent. He has a contract with Levski, he underwent surgery for a hernia, but at least my feeling is that he has already played his last match with the team of the “blues”, who, in the interest of truth, saw him as a “painted egg” over the years. Good player, but dear. Very expensive for Levski at the moment.

Unfortunately for the “blues”, a natural leader like Zhivko Milanov dropped out of the accounts and resigned for medical reasons.

Ivan Goranov is about to be transferred, but he is still training under the leadership of Georgi Todorov. Kargas is here, but it will not be a sensation if at some point it goes in the direction of Greece, because another destination seems unlikely for its potential.

If the match with Beroe is tonight, Levski will play in defense with Goranov, Starokin, Kargas and Ivaylo Naidenov. The latter finished the season after the resignation of the former captain Milanov and it can already be considered that he has gained enough experience.

Hali Thiam left in the middle of the field. A key player, but he, like Holmar, is too “salty” for Levski. In the current situation, the “blues” can easily play with Thiam’s deputy, who is Iliya Yurukov, Stein Speerings and Simeon Slavchev. The latter is practically like a new addition for Levski.

At the moment, Paulinho and Stanislav Ivanov are available on the wings. The latter is said to be able to move to Sporting, but both are possible for transfer and are still on the line for Gosho Todorov. Stanislav Kostov left emotionally, but in the interest of truth his last season was bad.

The central striker is clear. Nigel Roberta is the best football player of Levski. Its wonderful age makes it marketable at any time. Today he is in Sofia, and next Monday he can easily find himself at the top of the “blue” attack.

Therefore, it is very likely that Levski will appear in the lineup: Mihailov, Goranov / under a huge question mark /, Starokin, Kargas, Naidenov, Yurukov, Spierings, Slavchev, Paulinho, Ivanov and Roberta. Starting eleven, which is not the “senior” of the teenagers.

Here is the moment to note that Nasko Sirakov somehow managed to prevent the collapse of the team, which is an achievement and speaks of authority.

Some have left, others will be sold, and there are those who have returned. Deyan Ivanov arrived from Vratsa and started training without a contract with the club. Dimitrov and Kabov are again at Gerena after another lease in Bistritsa. Valeri Bozhinov is ready to put the training team at the moment, Starokin and Atanasov signed, although they had other options. Bobi Tsonev is obviously negotiating with Levski and could be a very good option. The club is looking for a goalkeeper to fill the gap from Georgiev’s departure. Each upcoming sale will require a new person to replace the one who has left.

The season is on the doorstep, and Levski has it. The new T-shirts, which caused an ugly scandal, will be available soon, but this saga is over. On top of that, there are those who wear the T-shirts with the club emblem. A dozen teenagers are waiting thirsty for performance and some are already entering the information flow with goals and good performances. The campaign starts and Levski is waiting for its start. He needs a lot of money to get on his feet, but even more he needs the support of his fans, who at this stage manage to keep their favorite team above water.

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